We offer full support, from design to analysis, for numerical and experimental test programmes. Services include:

Numerical modelling:

  • Determining the most appropriate modelling techniques (frequency or time domain, analytical, numerical, which software, e.g. Matlab, OrcaFlex, Python) for the stage of concept/device development and for the intended use of the outputs
  • Designing numerical test plans, including timeline and required hardware resources
  • Hydrodynamic model development, including WAMIT/Nemoh, Mathworks, OrcaFlex
  • Model calibration and validation using data from suitably designed tank tests
  • Parametric optimisation of WEC design against suitable metrics (e.g. minimise harmful loads as well as maximise performance)
  • Hydraulic modelling of Power Take-Off systems
  • Control design and modelling

Physical modelling:

  • Designing tank test programmes, following best practice guidelines (as defined by EquiMar, EMEC, University of Edinburgh)
  • Reviewing and evaluating test programmes, model design and tank setup
  • Designing instrumentation for scale models
  • Executing tests, including sense-checking of data during tests
  • Data acquisition, processing, analysis and reporting


  • Levelised Cost Of Energy modelling
  • Assistance in preparing funding proposals
  • Full scale data analysis and model validation