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Dr Joseph van ’t Hoff has extensive experience in modelling fluid flows, wave – structure interaction and hydraulic Power Take-Off systems. His experience covers the entire range of the development cycle of a Wave Energy Converter (WEC), from concept design to full scale operation and comparison of numerical and experimental scale model data to full scale results. This experience was built up over 14 years in the wave energy industry. Firstly through a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast, developing the concept of the Oyster WEC through parametric optimisation both numerically and in the wave tank. After this he was the senior numerical modeller at Aquamarine Power Ltd, in charge of hydrodynamic model development and integration with Power Take-Off models. During this time he performed detailed data comparison between the full scale Oyster 800 WEC and numerical and wave tank data to critically assess the accuracy of modelling tools. He then became the R&D manager in charge of setting out the future Oyster technology roadmap. This experience has given him detailed knowledge of modelling techniques, their applicability and best practices to ensure reliable results. Furthermore it has provided a unique insight into the exact role that modelling plays within a device development project and what the associated requirements are.

Additional support for mechanical engineering and specialist hydraulics design can be supplied through collaboration with: